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Anderson's Candy Shop

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About Us

Anderson's Candy Shop specializes in making the best, highest quality fudges, caramels, truffles and chocolate candies you can buy.

Four generations of Andersons have perfected each recipe resulting in delicious creations including the hard-to-find molasses sponge candy, chocolate dipped ginger as well as old favorites like rich chewy caramel and buttery, crunch English toffee.

Anderson's also carries a line of gourmet truffles with flavors like White Peach and Creme de Menthe and Buttered Rum.

Established in 1919.

Anderson's candy shop was founded by Arthur Anderson in 1919. He opened a small shop on Armitage Avenue in Chicago with a make-good gift of flavoring and chocolate from local chocolate and flavoring companies. If Arthur made good he was to pay them back.

Arthur did make good but driven by rising rent he and his family left the city in 1926 and bought a house on what is today Route 12 in Richmond. He ran his business out of his front porch and living room.

Arthur Anderson's motto was no fancy packaging just the best candy you can buy.

Arthur passed his passion for chocolate down to his son, Raynold Anderson, and later Raynold and his wife Violet passed the work to their son's Leif and Lars.

Today Leif Anderson, his wife, Tracy and a fourth generation (Leif's daughter Katie) work together to continue the tradition of making the best handmade chocolate candy available anywhere.