The 1937 Group/Parkway Dispensary



About Us

Welcome to Parkway Dispensary, your premier destination for your favorite cannabis products in the heart of Illinois. Our dispensary is dedicated to providing a safe and inviting space for those seeking the highest quality cannabis experiences. Explore our curated collection of premium strains, each cultivated with care and precision. From the vibrant hues of sativas to the soothing depths of indicas.

Parkway Dispensary is managed by The 1937 Group, Ltd. We represent one of a handful of Illinois licensed operators with cannabis cultivation, processing, infusion, transportation and retail dispensary capabilities.

We are one of the only fully integrated companies that is not currently under the control of a current Illinois operator or multi-state operator (MSO).

This distinction provides the competitive advantage of being able to create an entity, brands, and products that uniquely represent the consumer-base of Illinois and the broader Midwest region. We live good business practices with a priority on equity, inclusion, and social responsibility.

The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 laid the foundation for federal criminalization of marijuana, a common plant that had been long used for its medicinal properties. It was fueled by widespread racial discrimination against Mexican-Americans and Blacks and was instigated by a desperate need for funding by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

At the time, the US federal government lacked the power to ban cannabis, so it levied a tax so punitive that no one could pay it. The effects of cannabis prohibition, inequities in executive and legislative enforcement, and mass incarceration are a direct cause to the current state in many of our families and communities.

It is important to understand this history and to be deliberate about how we leverage this industry to truly address the harms and chart a path forward that is more inclusive and equitable.