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Brand Advertising & Graphic Design.
Through my years in large Chicago Advertising Agencies, as well as operating my own Graphic Design firm, I have carved a niche with this key observation: 80% of all businesses within any given business category all look, read and sound THE SAME. I specialize in guiding companies into that elusive top 20% that are able to brand themselves with a unique look, style and message that helps them STAND OUT.
I help you Communicate Your Power.

Why are 80% of companies in your category all so similar in their messaging? Because, it's comfortable. It's familiar.
It's more work to step into something new and unique. However, there IS something unique and different about your business that can be appealing to your prospects, and, more fun for you to sell.
What is it? Do you want to be different, and be inspired by that difference everyday? It is worth it.

I help reveal and execute this difference for clients from Communication Strategy, through Logo Development, Website Development, and any other medium that is appropriate for you to share your brand story.
In short, we will not do 'invisible-because-it's-all-the-same' work together for your company, product or service. We will communicate what is unique and relevant about you. It takes some digging, some Q&A, and my guidance in forming a different voice and visual style for you.
You are a part of each step that we take together, and when we complete a project, you feel ownership and you see your input reflected in the work. Because it is YOURS.

Please visit my website and view the VISION and TEAMWORK pages. They will show you my chameleon style ( I work to present YOU – not me ), and my approach to teaming up with you for your company's benefit.

Thanks for reading and for your interest,
Mark Ingraham
Brand Advertising & Graphic Design
Communicate Your Power